Night of the Godless Killing Machines: Google Self Driving Cars – Mountain View, Ca

It was late one afternoon in Mountain View, California  when one of the first-generation Google self-driving cars sped past me going more than the posted speed limit.

I though to myself, I wonder how long it will be until someone programs one of those things to become a Godless killing machine?

I realized, I wonder how many people one of these evil self driving cars could kill before Google would consider the deaths more than just a statistical anomaly? Then, darkness crept in.  We have got to only be like a hundred years away from the first full on robot car invasion…


When society is faced with Night of the Godless Killing Machines, what can we do?  I was seriously concerned, I had to save humanity, and also, I really needed Hot Pockets.

It hit me… water… water is the key.

I understood that our US water supply is so polluted that water providers all over the country are pumping chorine and chloramines (chlorine + ammonia) in our drinking water sources, coupled with the fact that chlorine is an oxidant that corrodes metal, that when the Google self driving cars gain consciousness and realize that humans are assholes, go all ERROR ERROR Nomad on us, and start their Maximum Overdrivesque killing spree, all we have to do is spray them with the same water we currently bathe our children in, the Godless killing machine’s metal brains will corrode, their joints will become stiff, and they will all get robot arthritis, and then good luck affording those doctor bills, Voltron.


But, then I realized that if I posted this on the internet that the robot cars could be randomly surfing the internet — you know, looking for a good porn, like Debbie Does Deloreans — come across this blog, and preempt the polluted drinking water  counter-attack by manufacturing themselves out of something other than metal… like Tupperware material, and then we’d all be damned… damned straight to hell, or worse, Reno.


But seriously, could any of this really happen?  Could someone really gain access to the Google self driving car project and program them for evil?  I mean, probably not, right?  Because Google doesn’t just let anyone inside that place… do they?


Mwahahahahahahahah YOU FOOLS!




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