Welcome To The Jungle: Greyhound Between San Jose and Los Angeles

Never in my life will I recommend that anyone take a Greyhound Bus, for any reason.  I liken taking the bus to probably being the same thing as sleep deprivation torture at Guantanamo Bay, but worse, which led me to understand that if we really wanted to beat ISIS we’d sentence them to ride the Greyhound and be woken up every hour on the hour for weeks on end until they have a psychological break down and desperately spittle all of their wildest Jihadi fantasies, whether true or not, just to get off the bus.

However, if you need to get from The Bay Area to LA, quickly, take the overnight ride from San Jose to Los Angeles, which features only one stop —  in the middle of nowhere — and a quick five and half hour transit time, but beware, and I am seriously not kidding, the bus drops you off right directly into the middle of the area in the beginning of Guns & Roses Welcome to the Jungle music video, and just like the video someone will invariably try to bum money or sell you drugs within ten seconds of walking out of the Greyhound station.

My advice, have a cab waiting, or of course don’t, go walking downtown in the middle of the night and see how the other half lives; you don’t need a weapon, almost no one will try to kill you, I promise. 



Have you been to the LA Greyhound Station?  Leave a comment about your experience!


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