Road Dog Fare: Wayward Traveler Sandwich And Dip

Anyone who has traveled extensively in The US can feel my pain when I say the words same continental breakfast every day of your lifeAfter awhile one starts to get creative about their morning meal, which led me many years ago to concoct the Wayward Traveler sandwich and, eventually, the dip.

The ingredients of a Wayward Traveler sandwich are a bagel, cream cheese, sausage. and Red Hot, because those items are available at almost every hotel or motel that is 2 stars or above, so you can make it no matter where you go.


As you can see, I later took the combo and substituted fine Italian sausage, to create an amazing quick meal you can have at home if you suddenly start missing the road.  Beyond that the mixture of the Italian sausage — the finer the better — and the cream cheese is to to die for, because if you eat too many of these, your heart will stop beating much sooner than you had original planned.

The dip is basically a two blocks of cream cheese, a half a cup of Red Hot, and half a pound of sausage mixed together and chilled; it’s similar to buffalo chicken dip, and then throw in some bagel chips, or crackers and you’re set.

It’s called the Wayward Traveler, as a reference to my 2011 Cartoon Network Adult Swim pilot I created, a bizarro, surreal, comedy travel show, Wayward Traveler 2: Being Quixote – In Search of Giants Among Windmills (In Color – Where Available – Words)(skg)) 0r WT2:BQ -ISOGAW(ICWAW(skg)) that was solicited by Turner Networks and never made it to air.

The show is also a source of many of the oddball travel destinations that will eventually be featured on this page, like the lone fire pit at the Racetrack Playa — site of the sailing stones — in Death Valley, that ended up there because our car broke down 26 miles in the middle of the desert, at 4000 feet above sea level, forcing us to have to burn oleander to stay warm.

Warning: Do not burn oleander.  The fumes are deadly to human beings… except me.




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