Off The Beaten Path: The Back Alleys of Miami Beach, Florida

My recommendations for visiting Florida are:

1. Young Not Married – Visit Miami Beach
2. Middle Aged Married – Visit Key West
3. Old And Waiting to Die- Visit Naples

If you make it to Miami Beach, there is one of best pizza shops in the US, Pizza Rustica, and many night clubs situated directly on South Beach.  The hustle and bustle is dizzying.


If the madness of the crowd gets to be too much, do what I did, find a bicycle and go for a ride in the back alleys of Miami Beach, where you’ll find almost no one but the occasional drunk person stumbling around looking for their hostel, and hungry alley cats.

2014-03-18 03.58.29

Miami Beach has its perks but one thing it’s not known for is good customer service, which seems diametrically opposed to the alleged wealth in the area, but keep in mind when you see someone sporting around in a Lamborghini, it’s rented.

When you finally realize that everyone in Miami Beach are drunk, crazy, and a headed straight down the highway to hell, head east toward Naples, and take a drive through The Everglades, where you’ll surely be taken aback by the amount of dead crocodiles lying around in the road.

Warning: Graphic video footage



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