Fried Chicken Pickin’: Fried Chicken Capital of the World – Barberton, Ohio

Barberton, Ohio has a lot of two things, more fried chicken restaurants per capita than any other city on the planet — it’s the Fried Chicken Capital of the World — and meth labs.

The problem here is that the chicken here, from Belgrade Gardens, White House Chicken, Hopocan Gardens, is so good that it’s worth risking your life.


My advise is, don’t stay at The Shamrock Hotel, that is if it hasn’t burned down yet.  Or, do stay at the Shamrock, as I have, and take a walk on the freaked Black and Mild side. Bonus: it’s right down the street from the second most grungiest tittie bar on the planet.

Now, to be completely fair, Barberton is my high school rival, “BHS, Beeehhchesss, beotches!” as our cheerleaders used to say, but then again, the following photo is my actual high school, which was literally built with the schematics of a county jail, just to make sure we all ended up prepared for our futures.


So take my words with a grain of salt, or a leg of chicken, while you’re there please feel free to visit my cousin Pooky Dogg at the Summit County Jail (not pictured because it looks just like my alma mater, but with more windows).

As the old saying goes, come here on vacation leave on probation, but that’s the risk one needs to take if they want the best fried chicken on the planet.




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