Gangster Legend: Bullet Hole Classic Cars – Death Valley, California

This is an Easter Egg in Death Valley, an unadvertised attraction.  The only way I can tell you to get there is to drive into Death Valley from the west, stop at the first gas station, and the guy there will tell you the legend of the cheating gangster card game that led to the chase and eventual shoot out, the ghosts in the desert, and give you directions.

Head east, to Stove Pipe Wells, and just after the first playa — dried lake bed — when you see the ‘turn off your AC’ sign, you’ll see a dirt road to the left.  Take that road, 4 x 4 only, about one mile north and you’ll come up on a best kept secret in Death Valley National Park.

Just a warning: Do not follow your GPS in Death Valley, bring food and water for two days, expect at least one flat tire if you go off road, and consider before you journey off the beaten path that towing rates in Death Valley are $400 an hour. 1544412_1048413498519001_563550434571406468_n


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